The A + Team

We are a team of internationally-experienced curriculum developers, certified teachers, legal professionals, business developers, behavioral psychologists, IT professionals and communication experts that believes there is a better way to learn a new language and improve the overall performance of your company. 

General English 

What is the advantage of speaking English fluently?

English is not just another language. Learning English can open a world of opportunities and enable you to communicate with a lot more people and businesses.

In the past, knowing English was a plus and  it was a mark of superior knowledge and sophistication. It made you look impressive to people.

Now, regardless of your background and upbringing, you are automatically expected to know the language. Even if you received education in a different language or come from a place where English is barely spoken. Today, you are expected to know English.

The ability to speak flawless English will add to your resume and will give you confidence when you are going for job interviews. Most businesses require  their employees to have good command of written and spoken English. The ability to understand and speak English fluently will help you in education, business and life.

What we offer

  • Private lessons (professional or regular)
  • Tailor-made lesson syllabus according to profession, industry or specific need
  • Accent reduction
  • Fluency and diction improvement
  • US life, work and study consulting
  • Job interview preparation
  • IELTS, TOEFL and other English exams preparation

Consulting and Business Development

Why is English Important in Business?

English is the “lingua franca” (meaning “common language”) of not only international business, but also of all kinds of communication worldwide. This means, it is useful for understanding and being able to share common experiences and references with your colleagues.

So naturally, the ever-increasing popularity of the English language requires knowing the language well to succeed in your career and climb the corporate ladder.

Just having a great idea isn’t enough. You have to successfully express it to your audience.

What we offer 

  • Market research, brand development, building brand awareness, marketing for Turkish companies doing business abroad or foreign companies entering the Turkish market
  • Group Business English Lessons for staff
  • At-work behavioral consulting
  • Contract negotiations, organizing meetings and presentations for foreign partners or collaborators
  • Professional workplace relationship building
  • Presentation and meeting skills improvement
  • Western hospitality training for hotel staff and other hospitality-based organizations and companies
  • On-site professional support related to business trips and acquisition of new markets abroad

Legal education and consulting

ESL Lessons for Legal Professionals*

Due to the rapid expansion of international relations it has become extremely important the experts in law to be able to understand and speak Legal English at a high level. Unlike conversational language, Legal English has its own characteristics that are hard to understand, even for people who already speak English as their native language in everyday life. Legal English has specific terminology that makes it a “language within a language”. So, in order to communicate with English-speaking customers or consult them in the field of law, the practitioner must learn the terminology of English for lawyers.  Acting professionally is impossible without this kind of knowledge.

As a part of our Law and Legal Curriculum we offer the following content:

Learn the basics 

The prospective candidates who will successfully completes our ESL Legal Lessons will be well-oriented in all legal terms and vocabulary.

Lessons by specific area of law*

Furthermore, our ESL Lessons for Legal Professionals provide learning opportunity in targeted, specific areas of law. Naturally it also gives you a chance to explore and to learn the areas of law you are working in.

Legal Writing *

Legal professionals seeking to excel need to master legal writing. Unlike any other type of writing, legal writing requires an extensive vocabulary and extreme attention to detail. Even minor errors in briefs or legal documents can result in severe consequences. In addition, legal writing is extremely demanding, even for those who have extensive formal education and are naturally strong writers. Legal writing training offers an advantage for legal professionals, allowing them to excel in their area of law. We offer you the chance to study and improve your Legal English skills through our course.

Those who will successfully complete the program will be able to understand complicated legal documents, contracts or any type of additional important notes and will be able to provide professional legal consulting service as well as become members or employees of international companies, organizations or communities.

What we offer

  • In-house training
  • General or Specialized Law and Legal lessons (group or individual)
  • Legal Counseling regarding Turkish companies doing business abroad or foreign companies entering the Turkish market
  • Preparation for TOLES exam for law professionals and law students
  • Creating Legal Curriculum for Law educational institutions and organizations
  • Legal Writing

*based upon candidates’ level of English