Reinventing the way English is learned

The A+ Method provides learners with more efficient way to accomplish their goals by creating unique, real-life course content that can be configured to meet the needs of the learner.

Why The A+ Academy

Everything starts with the learner in the center of it. Each person differs from the next, so each course content is tailored to the needs of you. Our personalized, career-aligned courses are delivered by highly qualified, native English speaking teachers with real-world content for real-life success.

Grow your business

Retain and develop you employees by using The A+ method.

Provide targeted English content

Give learners access to the real-world content they need to develop, improve and exceed their, as well as company’s goals.

Understand your needs

The A + Proficiency Assessment gives you a clear view of how much learners need to improve their English and what areas to focus on.

Based on Research and Experience